Strategic Negotiation

Faleck & Associados represents parties in strategic negotiation, designing and implementing strategies to bring opposing sides together in legal disputes and build creative, efficient and satisfactory solutions. The firm acts both to prevent legal actions and in cases of pre-existent litigation.

Services comprehend the complete mapping of the dispute, including: (i) interests of the parties; (ii) available alternatives; (iii) influential parties and potential blockers; (iv) legal analysis, especially in terms of costs and risks, both regarding merit and process of dispute resolution; (v) relationship and reputational issues; (vi) systematic evaluation of tactical and inter-personal barriers to agreement; (vii) decision analysis, with the assistance of multifactor analytical frameworks; (viii) set up of multiparty negotiations; (ix) deal design; (x) definition of sequence of approach for multiparty negotiations; and (xi) choice of processes of negotiation.

Faleck & Associados assists clients in defining and implementing strategies for negotiation tables, aiming at realistic, sustainable and operational settlements. Strategic negotiation services also apply to public disputes, involving settlements with federal, state or municipal administrative authorities or Public Prosecutors Office.