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Faleck & Associados is the first Brazilian firm fully specialized in settling business disputes through negotiation, mediation or design of specific processes for complex cases. We have broad experience in approximating parties in disputes and assisting them in building satisfactory and efficient solutions to eliminate the necessity of protracted, expensive and uncertain litigation and arbitration. We work in national and international cases, from the largest most complex disputes in place to day to day commercial disputes.

Founded in 2011, following Mr. Faleck’s noted work in designing and implementing dispute resolution systems for victims’ compensation due to two major aircraft accidents (2007 and 2009), Faleck & Associados has been leading the Brazilian business mediation market. We have been acting successfully on some of the most complex and high-profile cases in mediation. With innovative ideas and pioneer strategies for difficult and seemingly intractable cases, we have been achieving concrete results and collecting wide reports of satisfaction from the parties involved.

The founding partner has been featured by reputed publications as the leading mediator in Latin America and as a global thought leader in mediation and dispute resolution. Our team is formed by first-tier professionals, with relevant experience in the field.

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